Sales Leaders

Be the Leader You Were Meant To Be

Are you a new sales manager, director, or VP? Have you led sales teams for years? Regardless of your experience level, Airtight Selling can help you to improve your leadership presence, develop top notch sales reps, and level up your career. Coaching covers a variety of topics and is highly tailored to your skills, experience, and immediate needs. Our goal is to guide you in improving your leadership skills and driving results from your team on day one.

While your individual coaching sessions will be tailored to your specific experience, challenges, and goals, below are examples of common topics we cover with our clients.

Develop & Hone Your Leadership Style

Sales leaders are rarely enabled on leadership style but it is one of the most important aspects of leadership. Understanding what type of leader you are will inform how you engage with your team and organization. Airtight will help you uncover your leadership style and utilize it to drive success. 

Coach Your Team To Success

Your role as a leader is to guide your team to success. Whether you are a sales manager leading reps or a VP leading an organization, you win when your team wins. Airtight will teach you how to coach anyone effectively by enabling you with best practices and strategies to get top notch results from your team while helping them develop their careers. 

Become a Strategic Leader

Airtight Selling helps leaders of all tenures to think and act strategically. We'll guide you in developing a thoughtful and thorough approach to problem solving and opportunity identification that will enable you to see the long game while still capturing short term wins. 

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